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butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use, multi OS streaming tool.
It supports SHOUTcast and Icecast and runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (64 Bit only since version 0.1.20).
The main purpose of butt is to stream live audio data from your computers Mic or Line input to a Shoutcast
or Icecast server. If you want you can also record your session.
butt is NOT able to stream audio files of any kind.

For more details and instructions have a look at the Manual [PDF]

If you are looking for a broadcasting tool for your iPhone or iPad visit iziCast.



  • Works with SHOUTcast and Icecast

  • Supports SSL/TLS (Icecast only for now)

  • Runs on all three major operating systems. Mac OS X, Linux and Windows

  • Supports aac+, mp3, ogg/vorbis, ogg/opus and flac for streaming

  • Additionally supports recording in wav

  • Connects to a server after starting up automatically

  • Reconnects in case the connection was interrupted

  • Records after connecting to a server automatically

  • Supports simple control via command line

  • Supports multi-channel audio devices

  • Song names can be updated manually, via text file or via music apps (only MacOS and Linux)

  • Configuration files can be imported and exported

  • Status display shows infos about the current state (click on it)

  • Can automatically connect/disconnect on a configurable signal/silent period

  • Can automatically start/stop recording on a configurable signal/silent period

  • 5-band EQ

  • Dynamic Range Compressor

Latest Changes (2021-03-28)

  • Added a new tool (butt Agent) which helps to minimize butt to tray and much more (Big thanks to Ivan Radolovic)

  • Added an indicator to the compressor which lights up if the threshold is exceeded

  • Added "Aggressive Mode" to the compressor. If activated, the signal power for threshold detection is not averraged

  • Added new command line options: -q (quit) -n (split recording) -u <songname> (update song name)

  • Added donation addresses for Bitcoin, Monero and Dash

  • Fixed crash when butt can not find any input channels

  • Fixed crash when reading song names from an UTF-8 formatted file that contains a BOM

  • Fixed issue with icecast-kh14+ when connecting to a mountpoint which is already in use

  • Fixed issue if both checkboxes "start recording after launch" and "start recording when connected" are checked

  • Fixed butt.desktop file. Icon was not shown on GNOME panel

  • Attack and Release compressor labels now have 2 decimal places instead of only 1

  • butt does not send bitrate information to the icecast server anymore if FLAC is used

  • butt now searches for a free command server port if default port is already in use

  • butt can now be started in minimized state

  • The recording file name can now contain any well known date format specifier

  • The window class name has been renamed from FLTK to butt_FLTK

View ChangeLog for complete history.


butt at danielnoethen dot de