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BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) is an easy to use, multi OS streaming tool.
It supports Icecast, Shoutcast and WebRTC and runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.
The main purpose of BUTT is to stream live audio from your computers microphone or line input
to an Icecast, Shoutcast or WebRTC (WHIP) server. If you want you can also record your broadcast locally
on your computer.
With BUTT you can not directly stream audio files. However, with the help of tools like
Voicemeeter (Windows), Blackhole (macOS) and PulseAudio (Linux) you can also stream audio files
directly from your favorite music player.

For more details and instructions have a look at the Manual [PDF]

If you are looking for an Icecast, Shoutcast and RTMP client for your iPhone or iPad please visit iziCast


Latest Changes (2024-05-25)

To get a better understanding of the changes have a look at this YouTube video.

  • Add WebRTC (WHIP) support (Thanks to Matt from

  • Add setting to define the listeners update interval

  • Include ice-bitrate property to the HTTP header so the icecast status page shows the stream bit rate

  • Fix "Update devices" button

  • Improve VU-meter visibility

  • Let the user select the VU-meter colors and thresholds

  • Use momentary peak for the peak hold bar instead of an average peak

  • Assure that the signal detection still works after a recording failed to start

  • The threshold time for automatic streaming/recording can now be as low as 0.1 seconds

  • The signal detection level is now always based on the stream volume

  • Activating automatic streaming/recording did not work if the threshold time was set to 0 seconds

  • Reduce CPU usage on macOS

  • Pressing CMD+q on macOS now closes BUTT

  • Add a "manual" and "YouTube" button to the settings window for easier access

  • Make it easier for the user to go to the AAC install instructions after selecting the AAC codec

  • Improve the order of GUI element selection when pressing the tab key

View ChangeLog for the complete change history.

YouTube channel

BUTT has a dedicated YouTube channel now.
As always: It would help me if you subscribe to the channel and hit the like buttons :)

Tutorials in text form


  • Works with SHOUTcast and Icecast

  • Supports SSL/TLS (Icecast only for now)

  • Runs on all three major operating systems. Mac OS X, Linux and Windows

  • Supports aac+, mp3, ogg/vorbis, ogg/opus and ogg/FLAC for streaming

  • Additionally supports recording in wav

  • Connects to a server after starting up automatically

  • Reconnects in case the connection was interrupted

  • Records after connecting to a server automatically

  • Can be controlled via command line and network

  • Can be controlled via MIDI CC messages

  • Shows number of listeners

  • Supports up to two multi-channel audio devices

  • Song names can be updated manually, via text file or via music apps (only MacOS and Linux)

  • Configuration files can be imported and exported

  • Status display shows infos about the current state (click on it)

  • Can automatically connect/disconnect on a configurable signal/silent period

  • Can automatically start/stop recording on a configurable signal/silent period

  • 10-band EQ

  • Dynamic Range Compressor

  • Supports 7 languages (Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish)


butt at danielnoethen dot de